Peanut Butter & Grace Children’s Books


  On my never-ending quest for good Catholic children’s books, I happily came upon Gracewatch Media’s Peanut Butter & Grace Books! These bright and colorful picture books, prayer books, and children’s bibles introduce your kids to beautiful stories of faith on their own level, and beloved saints such as Therese. As an illustrator myself, I […]

Appaloosa – More than a Roots Music Festival


Perhaps the last thing you expected to hear from one of the five main stages of the Shenandoah Valley’s second annual roots music festival, were the Divine Praises. It was the morning of the canonization of beloved Mother Teresa of Calcutta, and weary campers who had been up far too late into the night reached […]

Clothed in the Armor of Light – What does a Christian look Like?

Woman and Tree

  Recently a response was made to my article “An Old World Mary Poppins beats my postpartum blues,” by a female member of the Bruderhof community. Both the conversation that I had prior with the author and the article itself allowed me to think in volumes on the idea of Christian dress, which seemed to be […]

Beware the Noon Bandit

temptation of st anthony

There are many places in our lives the devil lurks. Perhaps not under every rock, but rather every other. One of the most dangerous places is smack dab in the middle of our day. Morning prayers are wearing off, physical and spiritual fatigue is setting in, and the devil makes no delay in informing us, […]

Eucharist as Source and Summit

St. Francis

Lately I’ve wondered if we love the saints for what they truly are. Beyond an old lady with babies in her arms; symbolic of poverty and foreign need, and a quotable Franciscan; attached to words of peace, lies their true purpose. A symbolic life pointing to God himself, perhaps through charity and good will, but […]

What’s Wrong with the Standard American Diet?


  Growing up on the “Standard American Diet,” our family considered ourselves pretty healthy. After all, our plates often consisted of a “balance” of protein, fruits/veggies, and starch. This could have been anything from mac n’ cheese, broccoli covered in melted cheese, and processed lunch-meat, to pasta and meat sauce (counting the diced green peppers […]

A Postpartum Mary Poppins

Laurita and Therese

Meeting the Bruderhof community was somewhat by accident really. I began working in NW DC, at a pregnancy center, and soon thereafter came to notice the oddly dressed women about the city. They ducked into homeless shelters, hospice homes, and even Christian medical centers. Their drab floor length skirts, clearly handmade, were paired with an […]

Leave the Dishes Martha!


Martha, Martha, you are anxious and troubled about many things These words of our Lord to Martha certainly ring true to many of us! Admittedly, I have shrunk down in my pew when hearing them read. Suddenly dinner parties and weekend visits flash through my mind, in which I was so busy scurrying back and […]