How A Return To Traditional Conservative Values Transformed Franciscan University

Over the past week and a half there has been a constant buzz keeping the memory of Fr. Michael Scanlan alive, even after his death. Perhaps you knew him personally or perhaps you know some (great person) who went to the University he transformed! Maybe you were inspired by one of his books or talks, and maybe you are just now becoming inspired to pick one up. Whatever the case,


The Saint of Steubenville

Before attending Franciscan University of Steubenville myself, there was a spirit of mystery that carried the name of Fr. Michael Scanlan on its wings – quite the opposite of a rumor. It was a brush with the Holy Spirit and stirred up a saintly call to seek out something good in my life. I had heard of the gentle and fatherly charismatic priest, filled with joy as he made himself


Three Kings Cake – Rosca De Reyes

As January 6 draws near, perhaps you will join me in commemorating Epiphany with a traditional Three Kings Cake! Largely celebrated in Spain, Germany, Latin American and Eastern European countries, the Christmas journey finally comes to an end as the three kings arrive at the nativity. This festive traditional braided bread with blueberry filling (in the shape of a crown) is a fun and memorable way to remind your family of