What is it About Millennials?


Is it any wonder that each generation shares philosophies and anthems? Elvis, The Beatles, Madonna, Nirvana, Beyoncé. The youth, being the most influential and vulnerable part of society are most affected by tragedies, triumphs, war and peace, pop-culture and technology. Just as music and slang seem to pervade the ears and tongues of a generation […]

Modesty is Mercy


In the Orangery by Charles Edward Perugini During my college backpacking travels around Europe, I at one point found myself on a beach in Barcelona, Spain. Ahem, let me clarify…a nude beach! Or at least topless, but whatever the case, people were definitely not wearing full beach garb, which seems to be pretty hard to violate […]

Dear Introvert

Carl Vilhelm Holsoe

Dear Introvert, You’re terrifying! Yes, you. To an extrovert you are terrifying. I love you, I have befriended you and married you, but that doesn’t mean I completely “get” you. Let me explain why. The world is said to be a stage; a big extroverted, go-getter free-for-all, where people think, and act, and apologize on […]

Wild Blueberry Cheesecake

final (2)

Yum! Who doesn’t love cheesecake? You’re certainly no friend of mine (unless your lactose intolerant of course!) This cheesecake has it all – the perfect combination of rich creamy ingredients, natural wild blueberry preserves, and there is no added sugar, only the sugar inside the preserves. So, if you need to avoid all sugar, you […]

Married to a Minimalist


When I first met my husband and actually visited his bachelor “pad” apartment, it was about as inviting as a dental office. The walls were stark white and completely bare. I mean, there wasn’t so much as a football poster tacked up to any one of them. The apartment contained the bare essentials when it […]

Devotion to the Blessed Mother Mary

Our Lady of Angels

I find it hard to put my devotion to the Blessed Mother into words, especially for those who simply don’t understand. It’s almost as if there exists such a sacred relationship with her, that broaching the subject with those looking to condemn, would be too heartbreaking. What is it about this mysterious woman? “Okay, so […]

Divorce and the Family


“For I hate divorce, says the Lord the God of Israel” (Mal 2:16). If you are a faithful woman or man, who has somewhat surprisingly found yourself navigating the tough waters of divorce, then you know better than most just why the Lord said this. Why he could find no better word to use than […]