Preserving the Saint Nicholas Spirit and Christmas

Every culture seems to have manifested its own celebration of Saint Nicholas’ popular feast day on December 6th. From presents to persecution for sins, the evolution of the feast has changed from a day of homage paid a holy man to a secular rabbit hole of pagan and mythical traditions. Who Was the real Saint Nicholas? Saint Nicholas was a 4th century Greek bishop of Myrna. Born to good Christian


Hacksaw Ridge – The Art of War Movie

  I knew if I ever once compromised, I was gonna be in trouble, because if you can compromise once, you can compromise again. It seems crude to refer to a war movie as artistic. After all, the waves of mangled bodies falling in agony amidst plumes of smoke and fire can hardly be compared to a ballet, or anything the senses would recognize immediately as beautiful. But the art


The Dignity of the Deplorables

  Many who watched the uncharacteristic and grossly unpredicted polling numbers come in on election night were shocked by the results – some more than others. By all comparisons Hillary Clinton should have had an easy lead and a definitive win. Her campaign had raised over $1 billion, while the Trump campaign had little over $500 million. As well she was riding on the coattails of the Obama presidency, pandering