Eucharist as Source and Summit

St. Francis

Lately I’ve wondered if we love the saints for what they truly are. Beyond an old lady with babies in her arms; symbolic of poverty and foreign need, and a quotable Franciscan; attached to words of peace, lies their true purpose. A symbolic life pointing to God himself, perhaps through charity and good will, but […]

What’s Wrong with the Standard American Diet?


  Growing up on the “Standard American Diet,” our family considered ourselves pretty healthy. After all, our plates often consisted of a “balance” of protein, fruits/veggies, and starch. This could have been anything from mac n’ cheese, broccoli covered in melted cheese, and processed lunch-meat, to pasta and meat sauce (counting the diced green peppers […]

A Postpartum Mary Poppins

Laurita and Therese

Meeting the Bruderhof community was somewhat by accident really. I began working in NW DC, at a pregnancy center, and soon thereafter came to notice the oddly dressed women about the city. They ducked into homeless shelters, hospice homes, and even Christian medical centers. Their drab floor length skirts, clearly handmade, were paired with an […]

Leave the Dishes Martha!


Martha, Martha, you are anxious and troubled about many things These words of our Lord to Martha certainly ring true to many of us! Admittedly, I have shrunk down in my pew when hearing them read. Suddenly dinner parties and weekend visits flash through my mind, in which I was so busy scurrying back and […]

Woman Reflect God’s Beauty

Edgar Maxence

Woman, like flowers, to an infinitely greater degree, reflect the beauty of God in creation! What is Feminine? Surely femininity in itself possesses distinct and admirable qualities, rather than solely being “not masculine.” But as the lines blur for our society and ourselves, what do I teach my sons and daughters about true femininity? How […]

Almond Flour Apple Pie

Cover Image

      The secret is in the apple cookie crust…oops, I said it! Well, now you know. Pie for breakfast everyone, because this thing has no sugar, no gluten, and in fact is packed with enough protein to pass as a protein bar! Ooey-gooey goodness, nothing says home-grown American like Apple Pie, and this […]

What is it About Millennials?


Is it any wonder that each generation shares philosophies and anthems? Elvis, The Beatles, Madonna, Nirvana, Beyonc√©. The youth, being the most influential and vulnerable part of society are most affected by tragedies, triumphs, war and peace, pop-culture and technology. Just as music and slang seem to pervade the ears and tongues of a generation […]

Modesty is Mercy


In the Orangery¬†by Charles Edward Perugini During my college backpacking travels around Europe, I at one point found myself on a beach in Barcelona, Spain. Ahem, let me clarify…a nude beach! Or at least topless, but whatever the case, people were definitely not wearing full beach garb, which seems to be pretty hard to violate […]

Dear Introvert

Carl Vilhelm Holsoe

Dear Introvert, You’re terrifying! Yes, you. To an extrovert you are terrifying. I love you, I have befriended you and married you, but that doesn’t mean I completely “get” you. Let me explain why. The world is said to be a stage; a big extroverted, go-getter free-for-all, where people think, and act, and apologize on […]