Blogging and the Faith Journey

Joining fellow Catholic Mom writers on a fun and silly live video that will certainly cheer you up, give you a laugh, and show you the “reality” of the people behind the blogs!

Erika Marie (SimpleMama) and Lisa Henley Jones (SoundMindandSpirit) host this episode of CM Hangout, where we discuss:

  • Introducing prayer with children
  • Publishing a book
  • Sharing my faith journey
  • The influence of Padre Pio
  • The reality of motherhood & need for truth and encouragement
  • Finding your place in the blogging world
  • Facing struggles and overwhelm
  • Creating balance in life
  • Offering encouragement to readers

Listen Here to watch my live video with Erika Marie and Lisa Henley Jones on a fun Catholic Mom Hangout!

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  1. Sara says

    What a fun idea! I’ve been attempting to convince myself to do a FB live video with some thoughts that have been rolling around in my head! How brave of you to get in front of the camera!

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