Burlap and Blossoms | Flat Back Basket

Burlap and Blossoms | Flat Back Basket
Burlap and Blossoms | Flat Back Basket

This is such a fun project for kids to help decorate for spring! Merging the burlap and the bright quilted floral gives this flat back basket the pizazz of the season, while still incorporating that rustic outdoor flavor. And of course, you can’t go wrong with feathers, sticking them everywhere to add the needed flare of jazzing up the final touch!

What You Need:

    • Flat Back Hanging Basket
    • Burlap Garland
    • Several Colorful “Stiff” Fabric Pieces (Patterned and Solid)
    • Colorful Wood Buttons
    • Floral Stem Wire
    • Craft Pliers
    • Marabou Feathers (optional)

Using your different colorful pieces of stiff fabric, cut out basic flower shapes with five petals. These can be cut freehand for a less uniform appearance, or if you don’t have success with freehand, print basic flower images off of the internet and use them as patterns. (You will need three sizes).

Cut the flowers into three sizes (small, medium, and large.) Be sure to have an even amount of each, alternating the patterns for the different sizes you cut.

First lay out all of the largest flowers on a table in front of you. Next, layer a medium size flower on each of the large flowers. Finally, layer the smallest flowers on top of each of the medium sized flowers. You should now have stacks of three-layered flowers!

Holding the three-layer flower arrangement together, fold in half and cut a small slit directly in the middle.

Using craft pliers, make a small loop at the end of a piece of the floral stem wire.


Choose a colorful wood button for the center of each flower. I used some flat buttons, and some circular shaped buttons. Lace the floral stem wire through the button hole and the hole that was cut through the center of the stacked flowers. The loop at the end of the wire prevents it from slipping through the button hole.

Turn the flower over and make another tight loop against the back of the arrangement to secure the fabric pieces and button together.

The combinations are quite colorful and eye-catching!

Fill the flat back hanging basket with burlap garland and puff out the folds on all sides. If you are using a larger basket, first fill the bottom of the basket with floral foam.

Begin sticking the stem wire of the flowers into the burlap and floral foam.

Continue filling out the basket on all sides until the arrangement is to your liking. Be sure to allow the burlap to show in between the flowers.

The very final touch is adding Marabou feathers (used in boas) for a fun touch to the burlap and blossoms!

A fun afternoon project that looks great on the front door, a bedroom wall, or as a gift for a teacher or grandparent!

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