We Can’t Stop…Having Babies

We Can’t Stop…Having Babies┬áis the way Chad and Andrea Chapman chose to respond to the negativity they received when expecting baby #4.

The Chapman’s made this hilarious video, which is a parody of the Miley Cyrus song, We Can’t Stop. This was in response to their fourth pregnancy, after having twin girls, and then a boy. Friends and family were perplexed at WHY they would possibly want another child, after having one of each gender.

Andrea told TODAY.com, “Nobody was excited. I think we went past what everyone’s idea for our family was. For some reason, four is like this odd number in our culture today and it’s not celebrated the same way.”

The song has an empowering message to big families, and women who choose to have many children. Andrea said the line, “It’s my body, I can grow who I want to” has really had a big impact on women. I can only image just how great the impact of such a line, after hearing for so long a line similar to that one, yet with the opposite intention in mind.

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