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Thanks for joining me on the pursuit of truth, goodness, and beauty. Below is a little bit about me. I’d love to hear from you as well! Join me on Facebookor email me at

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-I wrote and illustrated a children’s book called Mommy, Mommy, When You Pray, on prayer and the simple joys of family life! For me, writing started as a child, when I turned my closet into a library of self-published works. Back then, only my mom and brother checked out the books I wrote. Of course, with titles such as Guinea Pigs are Real, you can imagine why they weren’t best sellers. Hopefully, I have perfected my skill since then!

-Find my published work at Aleteia, CatholicMom, The Federalist

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ProfileIf parenting were an extreme sport, I can’t say we’d be gold medalists…but we’d certainly have a yearly entry! I am happily blessed in my vocation as wife to my awesome husband (who is a convert to Catholicism from no practice at all), and stay-at-home mom to our knights in training, and Gem of Christ. We are kept quite busy, busy, busy! Plenty of running around; usually not by way of intentional exercise. Rather, we find ourselves running the ultimate obstacle course up and down the stairs, many times a day, hurdling moving (human) objects, and squatting with twenty plus pounds of baby (usually to pick up another baby). It’s crazy, it’s fun, and it’s just plain where we are right now in this season of our lives!


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-I am an ENFP, sometimes desperately trying to fake it as an ISTJ. But really, I can’t help the fact that I talk to strangers, jump in with both feet, have manifest, unmasked feelings, while my husband claims to have none at all. So this great comedy is of course brought to you by the Divine – as we laugh, cry, and pray our way through marriage and parenthood. I love art, music, travelling, the outdoors, a good book. I hate running late and being disorganized – but I do it anyway!

-Academically, I hold degrees in Fine Arts, Philosophy, Mental Health, and a Masters of Systematic Theology. With that said, I have worked on a ranch, as a whitewater rafting instructor, Pregnancy Center Director, and as a High School Theology teacher outside DC (which can only be described as the opposite of this very funny skit!)

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-The name of this blog is inspired primarily by the title of Christ; The Lion of Judah, in Revelation 5:5. The Christ image represented through a lion was also used by C.S. Lewis in The Chronicles of Narnia, through the fierce and wonderful character Aslan. God is truly the master of design, his greatest and “noblest fruit” being us! I delve into this quite often in my writing, and as I express my artistic license, I understand that I can only express that creativity through participation in his!

-Blogging for me was born of a desire to perfect my writing, and to have a personal space to compile my voice. Beyond that, I had no idea what I was doing (see ENFP description above). I started with many ideas of things I wanted to explore and needed to say, and went from there. The idea of an online journal sounded silly, but it became my task master to improving my writing. This blog has become my own personal space to greater understand the faith I am passionate about, share creative inspiration, and take joy in the comical mishaps and hidden moments of beauty in motherhood.

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– As beautiful as creation and humanity can be, all that we see and produce is but a glimpse of something so much more infinitely beautiful, and that should give us all great hope!

It is an invitation to savour life and to dream of the future. That is why the beauty of created things can never fully satisfy. It stirs that hidden nostalgia for God.”

St. John Paul II

I’m glad you’re with me! I hope you can share my inspiration on the Catholic faith, living simply, naturally, and charitably. Please sign up for my email list below to stay up to date on all new posts, products, and offers!

“The strength of a nation derives from the integrity of the home” ~Confucius

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