Healing Oatmeal and Oil Bath


Combating the painful, dry skin of winter, eczema, and (for us) diaper rash. This healing Oatmeal and Oil bath soothes as you soak, and then leaves a rich and smooth protective coat on your skin!

I clearly remember being bathed in oatmeal whenever poison ivy began to crop up, or when I woke up with chicken pox on my 7th birthday. In desperation, I have even resorted to a Maple and Brown Sugar Oatmeal bath, when there were no plain oats to be found! The truth is, oatmeal does in fact have many healing properties for the skin, which is why so many skin products contain it. And, if you can keep your little ones from eating more of it than they leave in the bathtub (gross, I know) then it works wonders for skin troubles of all kinds.

What You Need


Run a warm bath, either adding the previously mixed ingredients, or adding ingredients individually as the bath fills. Stir the bath water so that the oil mixes and the oatmeal is distributed evenly. The bath water should become cloudy as the oatmeal begins to partially dissolve into the water. Soak in the bath, without adding soap, shampoo, or any other chemicals. Pat dry.

*Warning – the oil makes the bathtub extra slippery, so use caution when standing up or getting your little ones out of the tub.

 Healing Properties

Oatmeal – functions as a protectant from skin irritants, soothing painful and itchy skin conditions.

Olive Oil – this “liquid gold” contains four major antioxidants – cleansing, moisturizing, protecting, restoring skin’s elasticity.

Coconut Oil – rehydrates dry skin by improving skin barrier function.

Sweet Almond Oil – used as a medicinal oil for skin disorders, anti-inflammatory, and moisturizer.

Vitamin E Oil – an antioxidant used to restore skin and treat damage.


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  1. Love Keil (MunchkinTime) says

    My daughter have dry skin and eczema for 4 years already, I used so many lotions that barely helped, I guess I am going to try soaking her in Healing Oatmeal and Oil Bath, hopefully it will help!

    Stopping by from Homemaking Link-Up!

    • says

      I hope it works as well for them as it does for us! Also, we have noticed big changes since removing gluten from our diet (see more on the GAPS diet – she talks a lot about eczema and diet in her book.)

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