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Have you ever gone to the library and been greatly disappointed in the content of a children’s book when you got it home?

What about the lack of selection of books containing lessons of virtue, hope, and courage to do the right thing?

I encountered this frustration as a mom of little ones, and I desperately wanted to find something that could answer my son’s earliest questions on prayer. How was he supposed to begin communication with this infinite God who lived in the heavens somewhere? How could I communicate to him, first and foremost, the personal joy in this relationship? How could I present God as the One who makes our very heart celebrate in thanksgiving? I needed a way to bridge the gap in his little mind, between a big God, and a stirring and beautiful friendship, present even in the smallest calling.

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As a mom living the vocation of family life, often attacked in our modern culture, I wanted to leave my children with a positive encounter of gratitude – especially for the simplicity of the beauty found in the everyday. But how to sum this up in simple, and colorful language, penetrating little ears and eyes and hearts?

God answered these questions by inspiring me to take the reins and create it myself!

I have to tell you that I was shocked at how the Holy Spirit moved this project along – blessing me with the time, inspiration, and process to publication. It is now my hope and prayer that this same book can bless your children – instilling in them the virtue of joy and thanksgiving, and planting in them the positive idea of family life. Despite the challenges and hardships of serving others, there is always great joy and blessing.


Two Catholic Moms’ Thoughts on Mommy, Mommy, When You Pray

Kimberly Cook is a gifted children’s author and illustrator. Mothers of small children will enjoy sharing this precious book with their little ones as a part of their cherished prayer time or perhaps as a bedtime story. Kimberly’s rhyming prose is engaging. Her complimentary illustrations bring the text to life and will be a great prompt for conversations about prayer. You might think you are buying this book for your little ones, but in truth Mommy, Mommy When You Pray is a great reminder that as moms, one of our greatest blessings is to see and to serve the face of Christ in our children. Make this book a family tradition in your home!”

~Lisa M. Hendey – Founder and Editor of CatholicMom.com

Mommy, Mommy, When you Pray, by Kimberly Cook, is a delightful picture book, written and illustrated by a mother with an eye for colour and an ear for lyrical language. This little book will capture the hearts and minds of children as well as their parents. Images and words work together harmoniously as her colourful illustrations and words vibrate with joy. I smiled as I read every page.

The book opens with a young child asking, “Mommy, mommy when you pray, what’s in your heart, what do you pray?” What is in this author’s heart is joy and love for her kids and her Lord.

This book is not about shaping kids into little pious, religious adult clones but celebrating real kids who are active, curious and mischievous with a tremendous capacity for joy and love for their parents and for God. Kimberly taps into that spiritual potential. Rather than crushing their God given spirit, she knows just how to celebrate their innate spirituality and how to coax it to the surface. Kids will look at the pictures, read the simple words or listen as it is read to them over and over again. As they do so, Christ himself will draw them close to His heart.

Mommy, Mommy When you Pray has the potential to become not only a favourite children’s book but a classic.”

~Melanie Jean Juneau Catholic mother of 9 children and blogger at Joy of 9.

Buy the Book!

Please purchase Mommy, Mommy, When You Pray in both English and Spanish for your own collection!

Buy it in English Buy it in Spanish