GRN Alive with Dave Palmer on Guadalupe Radio

Happily joining Dave Palmer on the Friday morning show, on the Guadalupe Radio Network! Exploring my new book, the inspiration for The Lion of Design blog, and how to prioritize the simple moments of joy.

Children’s Book Story – Catholic Vitamins Interview

Here is the story, about how my book, Mommy, Mommy, When You Pray, came into being! From a restless night, to inspiration pouring onto the screen of my phone. From the publishing company, who agreed to publish it, and their coaxing of me to illustrate it myself. Deacon Tom and Dee Fox of Catholic Vitamins share the story with their listeners.
*(My segment is from 0:19:10 to 0:41:45)

Detachment – Catholic Vitamins Interview

In this interview I share some of the many ways that I have learned detachment on my Christian journey. This is my story of impatience, expectations, mystical interventions, and the gift of joy.

The Attack on Masculinity through Femininity

Examining the challenges and downfalls of Femininity and Masculinity from Eden to present day. How the feminist movement confused the natural “feminine genius” of women and launched an attack on masculine chivalry (courage, honor, courtesy, and justice).