Faux Book Shelf in Three Easy Steps



There are a few things that I love when it comes to decorating:

  1. Creating something authentic, unusual, and personalized.
  2. A project that is simple, yet doesn’t look like it was simply slapped together.
  3. Finding a bargain on materials and supplies.

I recently renovated my bathroom with a New Zealand inspired theme. I wanted to incorporate the unique tribal culture of New Zealand with the lush greenery the island country boasts. As the project drew to a close, and I began to add the fun accents and pictures on the walls, one wall remained embarrassingly bare.

I had a ton of ideas…but nothing quite fit. After deciding on and searching for an accent shelf, I came up with a unique and simple solution of my own. Using a faux book that matched the theme I was going for, I added brackets and completed the project in a matter of minutes.

Here’s how I made a bathroom shelf in three easy steps!

What You Need

  • Shelf Brackets – there are so many to choose from. Most of the decorative/low weight bearing brackets are around 5″ x 7″. Here are some suggestions:
  • Book Box – again, there are so many good choices out there right now. These faux books are very popular and inexpensive. However, if you are looking for one stop on Amazon, here are my top picks:
  • Wall Screws


Step One : Brackets


(So I have learned) The best way to get a project done quickly and efficiently is the measure correctly. Determine where you want your shelf to be, and mark the center of that space with a small pencil mark. The book box I used is 13″ wide, and I wanted to set the brackets an inch in from the edge on either side. Therefore, I needed to measure 5 1/2″ from the center pencil mark on each side. Using a level and ruler, I drew a faint mark at each of these points.

Measure once more, and then have someone hold the bracket as you drill the screws into the wall, securing the brackets in place.

Step Two : Book Box


Center the book box on the brackets. As you can see, my book box has about an inch of space on either side from the bracket to the edge of the box.


Secure the book box to the brackets. This is most easily done by having someone firmly hold the box as you drill from under it, using a short screw. A washer can be used for added stability if the screw comes up too far into the box.

Another really cool feature is that the book box offers some hidden storage! This can be useful for things you don’t need to access often, like storing extra tea lights and matches, or air fresheners.

Step Three: Decorate!


I love the scholarly feel of the book shelf! Not only is the faux book an awesome accent, but on top of that (pun intended), is a whole new palette to dress up a boring wall.

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