Creating A Marble Dresser Top

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Sometimes it’s so easy to make a piece of furniture that is kind of “blah” come to life! I gave this beautiful dresser a little helping hand by making the surface look like it had a marble finish. Not only did it add to the quality of the dresser and spice up the room, but it also protected the surface from drinks and other things that have been placed on it. I couldn’t be happier with how easy and cheap it was to achieve this final result!

What You Need


  • 12 x 12″ Peel and Stick Floor Tiles (I needed six for this dresser)
  • Measuring Tape
  • X-ACTO or Utility Knife
  • Pencil

Full Dresser

I bought a beautiful green dresser on Craigslist, but the top surface needed a lot of work.


Rather than sanding, and then painting or staining, I decided to do something much more simple and creative.


First, I measured the surface of the dresser, and headed off to the local hardware store.


In the flooring department, I found 12 x 12″ peel-and-stick tiles. My measurements determined that I would need six tiles to cover the dresser I was working with. These tiles had green accents, which matched the dresser, and they were only $0.88 each!

Measuring Tile

Using pencil on the bottom side of the tiles, I measured how much I would need to trim off of the ends of each tile to get a perfect fit.

Bottom of Tiles

Using an X-ACTO or Utility Knife on a hard surface, cut along the pencil lines of each tile. These tiles were surprisingly easy to cut through, and broke off in very straight lines.

Lining Up Tiles

Before peeling off the backing from the tiles, I laid them out on the dresser to make sure they fit properly.

Top Half Tile

I peeled off each backing, lined them up carefully with the edges of the dresser or tile next to them, and pressed them onto the surface. The final product is a gorgeous, waterproof, marbled dresser top that was a very inexpensive and quick project.

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