Decorative Roman Shades


Since moving into our old farmhouse, I have had a million ideas of how to dress the windows. Because I am always dancing the line between rustic and romantic when it comes to decorating, I decided on Faux Roman Shades. The fabric is both rustic and stylish, as it boasts a classy gold floral pattern on white burlap! The burlap gives the window a unique look and allows light to pour through it and into the room. The relaxed gathering of the fabric folds on either side further stylizes the window.


Here is the fabric I chose. Again, it is white burlap, with a gold floral print. I was working with three windows that measured 44″ from the outside of one window frame to the other.

I cut three rectangles of fabric at 48″W x 25″L


Fold three of the sides (bottom and two vertical sides) of each rectangular fabric panel, encasing the raw edges, and pin.

Sewing Seam

Using a straight stitch, sew the seams of the three sides of the panels. (See the raw edge of the fabric above, which will continue coming unraveled if not sewn into the seam.)


Here is one of the seams after sewing, from the back side of the fabric.


Finally, depending on the width of the curtain rod, measure the last side (top of curtain), and fold. I measured 1 1/2″ from the edge, and pinned as shown. The curtain rod will slide through this loop.


Here is the rectangle panel, with three seams, and a top loop for the curtain rod.
*Now is a good time to iron.


In order to get the look of the Roman Shades, I gathered two 1″ folds on each side and pinned.


The first fold is 3″ from the fabric edge, and is a 1″ fold. The second is 3″ from that fold, and is also 1″. This is similar to the valance I made in a previous post.


I ironed pleats in the curtains from where they are gathered at each side, creating a swoop down in the center as shown. This darkened picture also shows well how the burlap allows light to pass through.

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