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We needed just a little extra storage in the playroom, for hanging baseball hats. coats, backpacks, foam swords, and a growing collection of fly swatters! What to do with an empty narrow wall space, and some funky odds and ends? Put them together, of course, and make some functional art!

2015-04-10 17.00.56I came across these three really neat test boards, used for antiquing. I knew I had to nab them, because surely they would come in handy for something. Sure enough, they wound up being the perfect answer to our need for extra hooks. The combination of the unique dresser knobs and rustic wood finishes, gives this art a fun and funky purpose.

2015-04-10 18.37.06In order to incorporate a common thread between the three wood pieces, I painted a matching green trim, edging the inner rectangle. This is actually the same wall paint used for the room they will hang. I did this so the pieces would not only match with one another, but would also blend nicely with the room.

2015-04-13 19.33.14The next step is determining the center of each piece and drilling a hole. (This little display of using an elbow instead of a vice, may not be the best way to drill a hole, but don’t tell that to my husband!)

2015-04-13 19.48.01Push the knobs securely through the drilled holes in each piece. (The best knobs can always be found at Hobby Lobby. I actually catch myself trying to find projects to do, in order to find a home for an awesome knob.) I used the Bronze 4-Leaf Metal knob for the white board, and the Antique Brass Metal Knob with Map for the two darker boards. The green in the maps was almost a perfect match with the wall color.

2015-04-26 12.03.30I needed these knobs to be sturdy, as they would be very functional, so I used plastic anchors on the knob screws. The size will depend on the size knob you are using. I had to use a 10 x 1″ for one knob and a 12 x 1-1/4″ for the other.

2015-04-26 11.56.23Here is one of the 10 x 1″ plastic anchors placed onto the knob screw, in order to confirm the fit.

2015-04-26 12.36.06-1Pencil lines to show how far apart the boards would be placed from one another, as well as a center hole for each knob.

2015-04-26 12.36.51Pre-drilling and hammering in the plastic anchor.

2015-04-26 12.17.11Adding the boards with proper spacing. (Notice how the inner trim on the board matches the wall – it’s the little things!)

2015-04-26 12.54.50Here they are, all together! These knob hangers are easy to make, the perfect addition to a narrow wall space, and so much better than boring metal hooks.


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