Rustic Romance Collage Frame


I searched and searched to find the perfect collage frame for a large empty wall in our living room. These are very popular right now, usually expensive, and rarely very unique. I wanted something that fit the decorating style I was going for, and I also wanted to customize the colors. This left me with no other option than to do it myself.

After collecting several frames from our living room color palette, I arranged them artistically in a collage format, and connected them together. I now have something on the wall that is perfect for our living room! Here is how I made this Rustic Romance Collage Frame.

What you need

What You Need

  • One central 8 x 10″ wood frame (white)
  • Two 5 x 7″ wood frames (green)
  • Two 4 x 6″ wood frames (brown)
  • Two 4 x 4″ lightweight metal frames (cream & green)
  • Two 3 x 3″ lightweight scrolled frames (white)
  • Double-Wide Mending Plates (2 inch)
  • Quick Setting Epoxy (if not using all wood frames)
  • Picture Hanging Wire
  • Two Picture Hanging Nails
  • Screws
  • Paint (optional)



After collecting your frames, arrange them in a format that you think looks best. Make sure you are using lightweight frames, so that your collage does not become too heavy. Also, your central frame, and four core frames should be wood, in order to connect with screws.

I began with the central white frame. Then, placed the two green frames directly level on the sides, and the two brown frames directly level on the top and bottom (off-center). Mark the back of the central frame with pencil, designating where you will be attaching the side frames.

I added the two cream and green frames on the corners under the other frames. Lastly, I added the scrolled frames on the opposite corners, and on top of the central frame.


backs Begin by removing all of the frame backs.

First Four pilot holes

Turn your middle frame and four side frames over.
Use your pencil marks to line up the frames.
Place your double-wide mending plates on each of the four sides, directly between the central frame and each side frame.connecting Attach each of the plates to the central frame.
Mark with pencil, and make pilot holes on each of the four side frames, before attaching to the central frame.

First Four

Here is a view of the central frame and four corner frames after being attached with the mending plates.

Gluing Corner Frames 2

The next step was adding the two lightweight metal frames behind the collage, on the corners. These needed to be attached with Epoxy.

Gluing Corner Frames

After marking with pencil where I wanted the corner frames, I added Epoxy and attached the frames.

White Frames

The final frames to be attached to the opposite corners, were the two white scrolled frames. I decided to add some color to these, to match our accent wall.

Painting Pink

Here is the base color I added.

Pink with Screws

I attached the scrolled frames to the two corners, on top of the central frame, with two screws.

Pink and Green close-up

I then painted over the screws to disguise them, adding cream and green paints.

wire close-up

Turning over the entire collage, I added two screws to the sides of the central frame, and attached the picture hanging wire.


This is a final view of the back of the collage, with the hanging wire added. Notice that each of the frame backs can still be easily opened, in order to add and remove pictures.


Using two weight bearing picture hanging nails, the collage frame can securely be hung on the wall.


Add your favorite pics (not these) and enjoy this amazing decorative compliment to your family room.

Side Angle


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  1. Martha says

    This is so helpful!! I have been wanting one of these, but never thought of doing it myself! It is perfect!!

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