Stuffed Animal Trophy Head Mount

Moose Head (5)


This stuffed animal trophy head was so much fun to make, and I love how excited my son got when we finished it together and he realized that it is just like the “real” moose on Grandpa’s wall (actually an elk, but he’s two.)  You can use any animal you like, or multiple animals to make quite a “showy” trophy wall for your lil’ man cave!


Moose Head (11)

What You Need

  • Small wood plaque with routed edges
  • Brown stain or Acrylic paint
  • Stuffed animal (I picked this moose up at Goodwill)
  • Hot glue gun

Moose Head (9)

I painted a thin layer of ‘Apple Burnt Sienna’ Acrylic paint onto the surface of the wood plaque and rinsed quickly. This gives the wood the look of a light reddish-brown stain, while preserving the rugged grain showing through.

Moose Head (13)

This was the sad part for this cute and cuddly little critter.  Using sharp sewing sheers, cut the stuffed head a few inches down the neck, so that you have plenty of extra fabric to work with.  Make sure the head is still well stuffed, so that it will not flop over when you attach it to the plaque.

Moose Head (1)

Place the head in the center of the plaque and work slowly around the head, applying hot glue under each section of the fur.  When the head is tightly secured, and no hot glue is showing, work on pulling off any loose fur.

Moose Head (12)

Here is your little man (or lady’s) rustic flavor, to give their room a cozy cabin feel.  If the plaque doesn’t have a standard method of hanging, such as a hole or wire, you can easily add one yourself.

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