Make Your Own Crib Bedding Set

Crib Sheet

Our son is crazy about horses and I wanted to give his room a little personal touch. He was ecstatic about this crib sheet set, including the fitted sheet, pillowcase, and fleece blanket – all covered in horses, of course! The dimensions of the fitted sheet are for either a crib or toddler bed. Our son uses a standard size pillow, so the dimensions for the pillowcase fit a standard pillow. If your child uses a smaller pillow, you will have to adjust the measurements accordingly. This makes a great handmade baby shower gift as well. When you make your own crib bedding set, you can choose any pattern and run with it.


 Supplies Needed

Crib Sheet:

  • 45″ x 67″ Cotton Fabric (wash first)
  • Matching thread
  • 2 yards of 1/4″ Soft Stretch Elastic


  • 44″ x 33″ Cotton Fabric (wash first)
  • Matching thread

Fleece Blanket:

  • 53″ x 30″ Fleece Fabric
  • Matching thread

Making the Fitted Crib Sheet


Begin by laying out your 45″ x 67″ piece of washed fabric (shown face down). Measure and cut out an 8″ x 8″ square from each of the four corners of the fabric. (The above image shows one of the 8″ x 8″ squares cut out of the corner of my fabric piece). These squares can be discarded or used as scrap.


Next you will sew a french seam on each of the four corners. This is one of the easiest seams to sew because it is just a straight stitch and looks good no matter what.
#1.) Choose one corner to start with. Match the corners up together so that the pattern of the fabric is on the outside. (If you are used to sewing, this will go against everything you stand for, as you almost NEVER sew on the patterned side of the fabric).
#2.) Using a straight stitch, sew the corner together at about a 1/4″ from the edge of the fabric. (See my seam above).


#3.) Turn the corner you have just sewn inside out. Now sew a straight seam on the wrong side of the fabric at about a 1/2″ from the edge. (You are sewing a little further in from the seam on the other side of the fabric, which is closer to the edge).
#4.) Repeat with the other three corners. When you turn the fabric back to the right-side-out, you should have four nice seams on the edges of your fabric piece.


There are two ways to go about adding elastic at this point. The first method is better for beginners and is detailed step-by-step here. (Sew a 1/2″ seam around the entire edge of the sheet, leaving a 1″ opening to fit a safety pin. Secure a safety pin on one end of the 2 yards of elastic and pull it through the seam. Sew the elastic together and close the opening.)

The other method is a one-step advanced method. Sew 2 yards of 1/4″ elastic together as shown above.


Then fold a 1/4″ of the edge of the fabric as shown. Lay the elastic on the fabric (close to the fold) to prepare for pinning.


My fingers are pinching the folded 1/4″ edge of the fabric. I then folded that edge over the elastic, pinning the edge of the fabric that my fingers were pinching. *Make sure that the pin is on the other side of, and not through the elastic (see below).


Here you can see a green pin. The elastic is between the pin and the edge of the fabric. I will sew my seam all the way around the sheet on the side of the pin that is closest to us. The pins will make sure that I will not sew through my elastic.

I sewed a quarter of the sheet at a time, pulling the elastic as I went, so that the sewn section was scrunched as shown below, and plenty of elastic was left for the rest of the sheet.


After sewing your seam around the sheet and removing all pins, move the elastic around so that it is evenly distributed around the sheet. The crib sheet is complete and ready for use, with no fraying edges and beautiful seams!

 Making the Pillow Case


The first step in making the pillow case out of your 44″ x 33″ washed fabric, will be making the seam at the opening of the case.
Fold the shorter side (33″) over about a 1/4″ and sew as shown above (wrong side up).


Then fold again, measuring 2″ and sew along the same seam.


This gives the nice fold around the opening edge of the case.


Lay out your fabric with pattern side out and fold together lengthwise, so that it looks like a pillow case. Only two sides will need to be sewn because one is the hemmed opening of the case and the other is the fold.


Using the same french seam method as with the crib sheet, sew the two sides that are not either the fold or the hemmed side. Sew on the pattern side of the fabric about a 1/4″ from the edge.


Flip the pillow case inside out and sew on the same two sides, this time about an 1/2″ from the edge. The seam on the other side is in between the shown seam and the edge of the fabric.


Turn the pillow case right-side-out and it is complete. The side closest us in the picture is the hemmed opening for the pillow. The side on the right is the folded side (not sewn) and the back and left side are the two sides that were sewn with a french seam.


Here is the completed case stuffed with a pillow!

Making the Fleece Blanket

IMG_0344The Fleece Blanket is the easiest part of your set. Simply go to the fabric store, choose a fleece print, and have them cut it. I used a piece of 53″ x 30″ fleece, which is just slightly more than the size of the crib mattress. The last step is adding a hem around the edges, although fleece won’t fray, so it is not even necessary.


As you did with the crib sheet, fold over a 1/4″ and sew.


Then fold again (you can choose if you would like a smaller hem 1/8″ or a thicker hem 1″ – 2″) and sew again.

IMG_0346The only thing missing is your little critter.

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